What is your primary motivation for saving money at the moment?

Nearly half of all savers who responded to our monthly poll for April told us that securing a new home was their primary motivation for putting funds aside at the moment.


The next highest demographic was the group saving money towards a significant event, which made up a quarter of the total respondents, whilst a further 20% were aiming to ensure that their bases are covered in the event of financial difficulties.


Only 5% told us that setting aside money for retirement is what motivates them most, whilst none replied that the major driving factor was to provide a trust fund for their children or other family members. An additional 5% told us that they are planning something else entirely with the funds they are saving at present.


















What is your primary motivation for saving money at the moment?Results
To secure a new home 45%
To have a rainy day fund20%
To have a trust fund for your children / family members0%
To have a retirement pot5%
To pay for a big event – e.g. wedding, holiday of a lifetime25%
Something else5%
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