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Agricultural Tied Property Mortgages – Explained

Don’t worry if you do not know the ins and outs of an agricultural tied property or plot as at esbs we have acres of knowledge in the field!

What Is An Agricultural Tie Mortgage?

Put simply Agricultural Tie Mortgages are a specific type of mortgage whereby the property in question has a restriction that means the owner must have, or have had, an employment tie to the agricultural industry.

We’re proud to say that we do things differently and look at every situation on an individual basis. So whatever the restrictions and covenants might be, we won’t shy away from talking with you about the case.

In fact we will welcome the opportunity to work through your situation.

We can also consider properties with a Section 106 occupancy clause, and properties with an overage clause.

So, if you’ve been frustrated in the past, provided you are looking to borrow no more than 90% of the property’s valuation, pick up the phone and see how our specialist advisers can help get an agricultural tied property mortgage.

Please note that for properties subject to an agricultural tie, Section 106 or overage clause, the maximum loan to value is restricted to 90% (the individual products offered below may show a different loan amount and a higher loan to value).

Lending is subject to meeting affordability requirements and full underwriting. The agricultural tied property must be for residential use only however, and not be a working farm, or have any other commercial activity on the premises or the land.

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