At what point in your life did you or will you write your Will?

When is the best time to write a Will? The verdict from voters in March’s monthly poll was far from clear – less than a third of respondents could agree on any given answer.

31% stated that they either had written, or would look to write, a Will after their marriage. Another 31% said that having children was the catalyst for them.

For 23%, purchasing their first home was the right stage at which to act, whilst 15% said they did so after becoming financially independent.

One conclusion these results may indicate is that a sense of responsibility towards others is a bigger driving factor than a person’s own financial position, when it comes to writing a Will. 62% felt compelled to visit the subject either when they were married, or when they started a family. By comparison, only 38% were moved to act by a sudden growth in the value of what they would leave behind.


At what point in your life did you or will you write your Will? Results
After becoming financially independent 15%
After marriage 31%
After having children 31%
After purchasing your first home 23%



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