Building society addresses MMC myths

Modern Methods of Construction, or MMC, have come a long way since the pre-fab homes produced post World War Two. Housing developers are eagerly incorporating these techniques in their homes, but they’re not just restricted to the big builders. Leicestershire building society, esbs, addresses some of the lingering myths around MMC housing and why it could be the ideal solution for self-builders.

  1. MMC are just like the “cardboard houses” – MMC can refer to any non-traditional method of building new homes, typically by creating the structural units of the building off-site and then putting them together on-site. A variety of materials can be used; frames are normally steel, timber or concrete, making them suitably sturdy.
  2. They’re no more environmentally friendly than normal houses – Not only does the precision of MMC homes massively reduce the amount of wastage during the build stage, they can be much more efficient to run with better insulated walls and fewer drafts from air holes.
  3. They’re expensive to construct – Constructing an MMC home is much quicker than a standard build, meaning less money and time is spent on labourers. Additionally, MMC projects are a lot more predictable in terms of time and resources, making them much easier to budget for.
  4. MMC homes are boxy and boring – The joy of designing your own home means it can be built exactly to your needs and aesthetic (subject to local authority restrictions). Panelled homes can be brick rendered if you prefer to retain a more traditional style, or certain build types provide a hyper-modern look.
  5. They’re hard to mortgage – While MMC mortgages are not as common in the market, esbs is one of the providers who offer them. esbs review applications on a case-by-case basis, treating customers individually to determine the right product. Their knowledgeable advisers are on hand to help throughout the entire process and provided the non-standard construction is Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) accredited, then esbs may be able to help.

Paul Tilley, Chief Executive of esbs, said: “Building societies, including esbs, have enabled many generations to achieve their dream of becoming homeowners. As the housebuilding sector evolves, we do too, so we are proud to be supporting our members in the creation of their ideal home, whatever that looks like.

“I would urge anyone considering a self-build to get in touch with us to discover their options and get their project started.”

To apply for a mortgage you must be aged 18 or over. All applications will be subject to valuation, status and the Society’s Mortgage Conditions. We offer an advised sales process where we ask questions regarding your mortgage requirements/needs and your income and expenditure to ensure that we recommend the most suitable product for you. We will accept applications from applicants purchasing or remortgaging in England or Wales. For further information, or for a European Standardised Information Sheet (ESIS), please call on 01455 844422 and speak to one of our mortgage advisers, visit one of our branches, email, or visit