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Can You Get a Mortgage to Build a House?

Put simply, yes you can. One of the main challenges to building a house is being able to finance the project from start to finish, and at esbs we want to help you turn your dream home into a reality with our mortgages for self builds.

Whether you are looking to re-mortgage a self build project that has already started, buying a property to renovate (including barn conversions), or if you are looking at a self build scheme that has an agricultural tie /section 106 clause, we can help.

Can You Get a Mortgage to Buy Land?

Yes, we will consider mortgages to cover land purchases (with planning permission).

How Does a Self Build Mortgage Work?

With a self build mortgage, the money is released in instalments as the build progresses. As there is no house to lend against we will release money when certain stages of the build have been reached.

We can consider lending up to 75% of the value of the land and up to 75% of the value, as the works progress.

How Many Self Build Instalment Stages Are There?

Typically there are around five stages of lending with a self build mortgage as the project gets off the ground, starting with the initial purchase of land, and preliminary costs, right up until the final stages of plastering and completion.

For more details please visit our dedicated self build mortgage lenders page which highlights the criteria for qualifying for a self build loan, along with other important information.


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