Do you keep track of your savings account online?

Nowadays, taking a look at the money you have tucked away in a savings account is really quick and easy, thanks to the availability of online banking tools and apps.

With a few simple taps of a button, you can see just how much cash you have stored away in your account, plus recent payments and upcoming direct debits.

There’s no mistaking that computers and smartphones have revolutionised the way in which many of us choose to do our banking. To determine how drastically times have changed, our monthly poll for May asked people if they keep track of their savings account online.

54% of those who took part said that they frequently checked their savings account on the web, while 25% admitted that they never do.

While 8% of participants attested to checking from time to time, a further 9% announced that they didn’t regularly check, but that they had done in the past.

A mere 4% of respondents claimed that they never keep track of their savings account on the internet as they don’t have online access to it.

Do you keep track of your savings account online? 


Yes, frequently54%
Yes, from time to time8%
No, never25%
No, but I have done in the past9%
No, as I do not have online access to savings accounts4%

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