Do your spending habits change when you get a promotion?

It’s always nice to see a bit more money each month after a promotion, so we wanted to know how you spend it. Less than 10% of those surveyed keep their spending the same, choosing to put the difference into savings. Over a quarter are similarly restrained, splurging on a congratulatory treat before reining in the spending. The remaining 64% consistently spend more, some taking the approach that they’ve worked hard for that extra income, and the rest unintentionally letting their expenses increase.


Do your spending habits change when you get a promotion?Results
A bit, it’s so easy to let lifestyle creep in!37%
I’ll splurge on a treat the first payday and then rein it in27%
Absolutely – I worked hard to live better!27%
My spending doesn’t change, I put the difference into savings9%


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