esbs website poll results – Have you ever used Klarna or other “buy now pay later” services?

As the cost of items increases, it’s no surprise that “buy now pay later” service Klarna has 18 million customers in the UK. Last month we wanted to know if you ever use the service; only 4% of those surveyed use it regularly out of necessity, whereas 7% use it for the convenience of spacing out payments. Another 7% use it for unexpected costs where they’re not able to pay for the full amount, and similarly 32% use it to space out large costs. Half of those surveyed have never used the service. 


Have you ever used Klarna or other “buy now pay later” services? Results 



Only for larger items where I’d prefer to space the cost out 


Regularly as the convenience is useful 


Only for unexpected costs when I don’t have the whole amount to hand 


Regularly as it’s the only way I can afford things 



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