esbs website poll results – How far in advance do you plan Christmas spending?

Poll Jan22


Christmas can take a toll on your bank balance so we wanted to know how prepared you were last year. 37% of you were super prepared, opting to spread the cost by either buying presents throughout the year, or by creating a dedicated savings pot to use in December. The majority starts planning about a month before the big day, and almost a fifth admit to being a last-minute present purchaser.


How far in advance do you plan Christmas spending?Results
I start thinking about it a month or so before44%
I put a little aside regularly so I have a present spending pot by the end of the year31%
I’m a last-minute present purchaser19%
I’ve been buying presents throughout the year to spread the cost6%

Regardless of how well you plan, the festivities can still impact your savings. Let us know how you managed here.