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More of us than ever are looking into the prospect of building our own homes. But the question is, can you apply for a self-build mortgage if you are a first-time buyer?

Can A First Time Buyer Get a Self-Build Mortgage?

The simple answer is yes, but you will need to take a few things into account.

Self-build mortgages are an option for first time buyers, but the deposit required to access this type of market is much more than your standard residential house mortgage.

Mortgages for self builds can require a larger deposit to purchase the land and start the building work. However, there may be no deposit requirement if the land is already owned. You will also need to have a good credit history and proof of income. Having these all to hand will only help your chances of obtaining a first-time buyer self-build mortgage. Having two incomes will also aid in your chances of jumping onto the property ladder for the first time with a self-build mortgage.

What Are The Benefits of a Self-Build Mortgage for a First Time Buyer?

The first benefit is that you have the creative freedom to design your dream home as you don’t need to move into a second-hand house – and instead can plan and develop the space to your specifications. The second is that in the long term you can often get a higher valued property for your money from a self-build project after you have considered land purchases and build costs.

A typical saving made by building your own home is 20-25% of the value of the property (source:

How Do I Qualify For a Self-Build Mortgage with esbs?

To qualify for a self build mortgage mortgage, we do ask that:

  • The property is detached
  • It must be for your residential use so cannot be built for commercial purposes, including to be let out
  • In the main, it must be built using standard construction materials, however, non-standard construction considered if it is BOPAS accredited (Such non standard construction has the following restrictions – Maximum LTV 75%, Maximum loan £250,000, Capital and Interest only and Maximum term of 25 years)
  • The property will have a suitable warranty or be supervised by an architect or professional consultant


What About a Dedicated First-Time Buyer Mortgage?

If the deposit amounts put you off and you don’t have the capacity to be able to save a lot of money to purchase land and start the self-build, then you can look at applying for a dedicated first-time buyer mortgage. As these are standard residential mortgages, you will find the deposit amounts are much more attractive. Please see our First Time Buyer Mortgage page for further details.


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