How important do you feel it is to have a Will?

A Will is the only way to legally safeguard what happens to your estate after you die and more than four in five voters in our May poll agreed that having a Will is important – but they could not agree on just how important it was.

There was an even split among the 81% who regarded having a Will as important, between those who consider it ‘crucial’, ‘very important’ and ‘reasonably important’.

The 19% who did not see the value in a Will all agreed that it was ‘not at all important.’

Whilst the overwhelming majority do see the merit in having a Will, the split response may suggest that getting a Will organised is a bigger priority for some of our members than for others.
















How important do you feel it is to have a Will?Results
Crucial 27%
Very important27%
Reasonably important27%
Not very important0%
Not at all important19%


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