Mortgage case study: Mark and Becky Eastwood

Name: Mark Eastwood

Age: 54

Occupation: Service Provider

Name: Becky Eastwood

Age: 42

Occupation: Travel Co-ordinator

Mark and Becky Eastwood have expressed their gratitude to esbs for accepting their mortgage application after other, larger, mainstream lenders had refused to lend them sufficient funds.

The couple set out to acquire a mortgage to purchase their first home together.

Due to Mark’s 30 years of service in the Royal Navy, they had spent much of their time living overseas, despite owning a flat each in the UK.

Before coming to the Society, Mark and Becky had approached a number of high street lenders, but their applications were turned down on the basis of their overseas addresses, age and personal circumstances.

“Many of the big-name lenders that we’d considered simply didn’t want to know and wouldn’t give us the leeway we needed,” Mark explains.

“We then heard about esbs through our mortgage adviser and we were delighted to hear that they were willing to consider our application, for which we were extremely grateful.

“Having had mortgages for the past 20 to 30 years, we know plenty about the process, and we’re happy to say that we’ve found our experience with esbs to be really straightforward, and the Society itself to be very amenable.

“On the occasions where we’ve spoken with someone over the phone, it’s always been the same person, and they’ve been incredibly accommodating to us – we feel as though the service has been specially tailored to our individual needs.”

Since receiving their mortgage, Mark and Becky have moved into their new, two-bedroom detached home in the village of Bredon, near Tewkesbury.

Mark continues: “Now that we’ve moved into the house, the sense that we’ve achieved our goal really has settled in, and I’ve been able to sell my flat, though Becky’s still remains on the market.

“We recognise how all of this probably wouldn’t have been possible without esbs, as they seemed to be the only ones who would help us.

“We’re both very happy, and I’m left with lots of time to pursue my love of DIY, while Becky is able to enjoy her passion for sewing and cookery!”

Paul Tilley, Chief Executive for esbs, said: “We are thrilled to hear that Mark and Becky are enjoying life in their home after choosing to take out their mortgage with the Society.

“On behalf of everyone here at esbs, I would like to wish them both many more happy years to come in their home.”

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