How much cash do you normally carry on you?

With the prevalence of debit and credit cards in modern society, the need to regularly carry cash is becoming less and less important to some.

Most shops, restaurants, hotels and bars have contactless card readers, meaning that many goods and services can be paid for in the blink of an eye.

However, there are still instances where you may find yourself caught out if you haven’t drawn cash out from your account any time recently.

To see how attitudes have changed to carrying notes and coins, our February poll asked people how much cash they generally keep on their person.

The majority of those who took part said that they still regularly carried cash, with 53% trying to keep up to £10 on them.

30% felt it was wise to have between £10 and £25 with them, while a further 4% decided between £25 and £50 is more necessary.

Although 9% of participants said they kept more than £50 in their wallets and purses, the remaining 4% admitted that they never carried any cash on them.

How much cash do you normally carry on you?
None 4%
Under £10 53%
Between £10 and £25 30%
Between £25 and £50 4%
More than £50 9%

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