Savings case study: Julie Humphris

Name: Julie Humphris

Occupation: Admin Assistant

Julie Humphris has said that opening an account with esbs has helped her to move out of her apartment and into a house.

The Admin Assistant, who lives in Earl Shilton, first approached the Society in 2017 to open a Regular Monthly Saver account with the view to setting aside a nest egg for herself.

Open to UK residents aged 12 or over, the Regular Monthly Saver account provides members with a means of building up funds by putting away a certain amount of money each month.

“What I really liked about the account was the fact that I was able to put a specific amount to one side every month, which really helped me to discipline myself and be careful with my money,” Julie explains.

“I also found the flexibility of the account appealing, seeing as I was able to make a minimum deposit of £10 and a maximum deposit of £500 per month.”

Having her savings in order allowed Julie to move out of her one-bedroom apartment and purchase her new two-bedroom, semi-detached house, which she moved into in September 2018.

“Living so close to the Society is also really convenient for me as a member, as it means I’m able to pop into a branch should I need to,” she continues.

“I’ve found the level of service that I’ve received from esbs to be very personal, and whenever I got in touch staff would remember and show an interest in me, which has really allowed me to build up a rapport with them.

“Based on my experience with the Society, I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.”

Since opening her Regular Monthly Saver, Julie has also opened both an ISA and a Heritage Account with the Society.

In her spare time, she enjoys an active lifestyle by swimming regularly, and is relishing the opportunity to discover the joys of gardening in the outdoor space that she now has available to her.

Paul Tilley, Chief Executive of esbs, said: “Whether you’re looking to make regular or one-off savings deposits, or want to put aside money for a specific reason, we offer a comprehensive range of savings accounts.

“The Regular Monthly Saver is a fantastic way of building up your savings by putting money away each month, and allows members the flexibility to make up to two withdrawals per year.

“On behalf of everyone here at esbs, we would like to thank Julie for choosing to save with us, and wish her many years of happiness in her new home.”

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