Society sets out vision for the future with new identity

Earl Shilton Building Society is revolutionising its brand identity to attract a wider audience and express the individuality of its members and its own products and services.

Celebrating its 161st year of trading, the Society remains a stalwart of the community within and around the Leicestershire town as well as operating nationally.

During this time, it has built a strong reputation as a financial institution that brings the individual requirements of its members first.

This is reflected in a variety of ways, such as the wide range of products on offer, the inclusion of members in important decisions affecting the Society, and the personal method to lending underwriting as opposed to adopting a one-size-fits-all approach.

Now the Society is taking the opportunity to stand apart by modernising its look whilst retaining the core values upon which it was founded, specifically the promotion of home ownership and saving.

Included in the changes to the Society’s identity is the use of its name as the acronym ‘esbs’

in the logo, thereby presenting a cleaner, fresher and more contemporary aesthetic for the future.

Another identity change is the new strapline ‘as individual as you’, which encapsulates the myriad needs and circumstances of its members as well as the unique and personable nature of the organisation’s staff, products and services.

The Society is also aiming to honour the individual essence of its members by giving them greater control over which groups and charitable bodies in the local community receive its support.

Building on its existing ‘In the community’ scheme, the organisation is introducing a charity voting system in its branches that will allow members to choose the local cause they would most like to see receive backing by placing a token into one of a number of selection stands.

In addition to this, the Society is currently exploring opportunities to join forces with a homelessness charity and support its aims in a bid to help tackle this national issue within the county.

Paul Tilley, Chief Executive of Earl Shilton Building Society, said: “These are exciting times for all of us here at the Society as we set out our vision for the future.

“We have taken great thought over the changes to the identity of the organisation in an ever changing world aiming to retain and build upon our sustainability, culture, and core values for existing and future members in the years to come.

“This is an important development for Earl Shilton Building Society and we look forward to making this vision a reality.”

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