Do you still save change in a jar or piggy bank?

The piggy bank is a time-honoured tradition passed down generations for centuries and although the amount of hard cash we are using is in sharp decline, a majority of respondents to our September poll are still stashing away their pennies in a jar of some kind.

53% of those who answered our poll either still make an active effort to save loose change in a piggy bank, or use one from time to time.

A further 5% are not putting their coins to one side at the moment, but have done so in the recent past.

Nevertheless, 42% of those who responded advised us that the piggy bank was a thing of the past for them – and with the number of us using cash on a daily basis continuing to fall, its future is far from certain.
















Do you still save change in a jar or piggy bank?Results
No, and I haven’t done so recently42%
No, but I have done recently5%
Yes, from time to time16%
Yes, I still make an active effort save my change in a jar or piggy bank37%
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