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If you choose to submit details electronically, for example, contacting us or registering with us, you will receive an automated acknowledgement. This e-mail is for acknowledgement purposes only and shall not constitute an offer or acceptance from us to provide you with any product or service.

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2. Use of content

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We will attempt to have this website available at all times. We do have the right to suspend access temporarily or permanently, for which no notice may be given.

4. Liability

The Society will not be liable for any reason if the site is unavailable, for how ever long the period might be. As a consequence, the Society will not be liable for any loss or damage arising in contract, tort or otherwise, if the site becomes unavailable or is suspended for any reason.

We endeavour to make sure this site is free from viruses, programs or software that could damage the operation of your computer. However, we cannot guarantee this and we do not accept liability if it occurs.

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5. Accuracy of Information

We believe the information provided on this website is up to date and accurate. If you intend to rely on any information on this website, you are responsible for checking its validity and accuracy and ensuring that it meets your requirements. esbs will not accept any liability for losses or damages from use or inability to use this website or from any error or omission in information.

6. Financial Advice

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7. Email Messages

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