What were or would be your main motivations for writing a will?

The last will and testament dates its origins as far back as the time of the Ancient Greeks, when it was used purely as a means of deciding who would receive the wealth and possessions of a person who died without a living heir.

Ever since then, this legal document has become commonplace as a matter of social custom throughout the world, and it remains as relevant today as ever it has been in the past.

Having a will in place is incredibly important for anyone who holds even modest amounts of capital, given that it determines how their assets are distributed and ensures that their family and loved ones are provided for once they’re gone.

There are many reasons why people decide to write a will, and so for our May poll, we decided to ask visitors to our website to tell us what were, or would be, their main motivations in doing so.

An overwhelming 68% of participants said that the ability to make their wishes known was the most important aspect of having a will in place.

21% of those who responded said being able to provide for the people that they choose is, or had been, a primary motivation for drafting a will.

While 7% felt that protecting loved ones is most important, a further 4% placed the greatest value in reducing inheritance tax.

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What were/would be your main motivations for writing a will? Results
Making your wishes known68%
Providing for the people you choose21%
Protecting your loved ones7%
Reducing inheritance tax4%
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