When do you start to budget for Christmas?

December’s poll revealed that most of you like to plan early…

If the results of last month’s poll are anything to go by, more than a third of our customers are already starting to think about Christmas 2017.

36% of respondents said they start thinking about their Christmas budget as soon as the previous Christmas is over, and a further 27% will begin to plan their festive season before the end of the summer.

27% said that November was the time at which they put their Christmas finances in order.

Not everyone who responded to the survey is quite so organised, however – 10% said they don’t start to budget for presents and turkey until they’re running out of doors on their advent calendars!

When do you start to budget for Christmas?Results
Before September27%
September – October0%
Early December0%
As soon as last Christmas is over!36%
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