Building society enhances website by strengthening the accessibility facilities

Leicestershire-based Earl Shilton Building Society has introduced a new toolbar to its website offering a customisable experience for visitors and members to meet their individual needs.  Being able to provide the correct information to all members is key to delivering good consumer outcomes.

The tool, developed by ReciteMe, has multiple functions to adapt to various needs, allowing users to change the text font and background colour. Text is made easier to follow and understand with a ruler function, magnifying glass, and dictionary, while hard-of-hearing users are assisted with the audio description feature.

To access the features, website visitors simply click the “accessibility tools” button on the right-hand side of the top toolbar on the esbs site.

ReciteMe is dedicated to creating inclusive online experiences through optional accessibility software, in alignment with esbs’ As Individual As You philosophy which encapsulates the myriad needs and circumstances of its members.

Paul Tilley, Chief Executive of Earl Shilton Building Society, said: “These are exciting times for all of us here at the Society as we set out our vision for the future. Digital technology is essential for many to manage their finances these days, and it’s important to us to make that as accessible as possible.”

esbs branches can be found at 22 The Hollow, Earl Shilton or 7 Malt Mill Bank, Barwell. Alternatively, you can call 01455 844422, email, or visit the website at for more information.