The easiest way to apply for a contribution is to complete the online application here.

However when you apply please note the following:

  • All contributions will be made by cheque
  • We reserve the right to display photographs and stories relating to the group and/or the donation on our website, our Social Media Accounts, in general marketing and in any press releases we issue
  • All applications will be reviewed bi-monthly
  • A decision will be made on individual merits and fund availability. The Society reserves the right to reject requests and without explanation
  • Only applications from individuals or groups based in the LE, CV9-13 and DE11-15 postcode areas will be considered.

By applying for a contribution, you agree to:

  • A Press Release being written and distributed to relevant press. This will be written by the Society but will not be distributed until all parties are happy with it
  • Having a publicity photo taken
  • Any such photo being the property of the Society and showcased by the Society as appropriate (website, Social Media, general marketing etc)
  • Acknowledge the support of the Society on your website (if applicable)
  • Acknowledge the support of the Society through your Social Media channels (if applicable)