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What Are Modern Methods Of Construction? (MMC)

Modern methods of construction (MMC) or ‘smart construction’ refers to a non-traditional method of building new homes, typically by creating the structural units of the building off-site and then putting them together on-site. This was traditionally used after the end of the Second World War in a bid to deliver housing quickly, benefitting from factory conditions and mass production techniques.

Building off-site is now making a comeback, but in a much improved way in terms of the robustness of the construction and the energy efficiency. MMC provides a method of housing construction that is both less time consuming and less labour intensive.

If you are interested in building your own home but put off by the perceived difficulty in securing a mortgage then please read on. This page will help you find out more about innovative modern methods of construction and why they may be the way forward.


What Are The Benefits To MMC?

Modern methods of construction offer a range of benefits when we compare them to more traditional methods. Typically, a construction via MMC is far less time consuming and labour intensive, while still allowing you to retain a high level of quality. They also offer a fantastic option due to their sustainability, with factors such as reduced waste, fewer transport loads, factory-controlled quality and design processes ensuring a lower carbon footprint.

MMC homes continue to shake off the preconception of the ‘prefab’ home. However, the idea that obtaining a mortgage for this method of construction can be hard to obtain still lingers, despite this being a common misconception.


What Are The Mortgage Criteria For A MMC Mortgage?

For any application on a MMC home with esbs, the application must be on a scheme that has been accredited by the Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS). BOPAS assures that the property will be readily saleable and durable for a minimum of sixty years. MMC uses a wide range of techniques and materials with the aim of minimising the amount of time required to construct a building. This makes them a great option to consider when it comes to a self-build project.

For a MMC mortgage we also have a maximum LTV of 75%, and a maximum loan size of £250,000. Also, the mortgage must be Capital and Interest only and there is a maximum term of 25 years.


Why Choose esbs?

Paul Tilley, Chief Executive of esbs, said: “We are proud to be supporting potential homeowners in their dreams of creating their own home using MMC.

“Therefore, I would urge these people to get in touch with us right away to discover their options in pursuing their self-build project.”

To apply for a mortgage, you must be aged 18 or over. All applications will be subject to valuation, status and the Society’s Mortgage Conditions. We offer an advised sales process where we ask questions regarding your mortgage requirements/needs and your income and expenditure to ensure that we recommend the most suitable product for you. We will accept applications from applicants purchasing or remortgaging in England or Wales. For further information, or for a European Standardised Information Sheet (ESIS), please call on 01455 844422 and speak to one of our mortgage advisers, visit one of our branches, email, or visit


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