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At esbs, we’re proud to say that our products and services are as individual as you, meaning that we can help make our members’ dreams and aspirations come true. From getting a foot on the property ladder, to helping you save for that adventure of a lifetime, we’re here to help. In fact, whatever it is that makes our members tick, we’re committed to treating every person as an individual.We invited some of our members to take part in a campaign to promote these values and share how esbs has been able to assist them in their own lives and here are some of the results!

Julie, an Admin Assistant from Earl Shilton, moved up the property ladder after opening a Regular Monthly Saver account with us, with the view to set aside a nest egg for herself.  Based on her experience with the Society, she would recommend us to her family and friends.

Julie Humphris, Earl Shilton

I found the flexibility of the account appealing, seeing as I was able to make a minimum deposit of £10 and a maximum deposit of £500 per month.

Paul and Jeanne Shorland approached the Society for a mortgage with the view to convert the barn and stables at their home in Winterbourne, Gloucestershire. Their mortgage with esbs enabled them to renovate a series of outbuildings to provide a home for their children and grandchildren and allow Jeanne to expand her passion for painting.

Paul, 64, and Jeanne, 62, semi-retired, from Gloucestershire.

We were really pleased with the quality of the service that we received from esbs, as we’d found that no one else was willing to treat us as individuals.

By taking a mortgage with us, the Hoisers have also been able to carry out restoration work to their home. The personal service they received has also meant that they did not hesitate in recommending esbs.

Engineer James, 64, and Exams Officer Dawn, 61, from Greater London.

When we speak to one of the mortgage advisers, it really does feel like you’re talking to a friend; they’re very approachable and have always done their best to help us.

After being referred to the society by their mortgage adviser, we have helped Mark and Becky Eastwood purchase their first home together. After a number of high street lenders had turned them down due to Mark’s 30 years of service in the Royal Navy, and spending much of their time overseas, we helped their achieve their goal, and they are now settled in to their new home together.

Service Provider Mark, 54, and Travel Co-ordinator Becky, 42 from Tewkesbury

We’ve found our experience with esbs to be really straightforward, and the Society itself to be very amenable. We feel as though the service has been specially tailored to our individual needs.

By taking a mortgage with us, the Girdlers have been able to switch from an interest-only mortgage, to a repayment mortgage. The couple, who have committed themselves to foster caring for the past 10 years, are delighted to have secured the mortgage, and would recommend esbs to family and friends.

Chris, 69 and Debbie, 55 from Plymouth

We are absolutely thrilled to have secured the mortgage and we would 100% recommend the Society to family and friends.

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