Would you lend £1,000 to a friend or family?

Money can be a turbulent topic among family and friends, so last month we wondered how willing you would be to lend £1,000. Just 13% would say yes without hesitation, while 20% would on the condition it would be paid back. A third of those surveyed would decide based on what it was needed for, and the remaining third would refuse – 13% – because they don’t have the money to spare, and the final 20% because they don’t want to risk the friendship over the transaction.


Would you lend £1,000 to a friend or family?Results

Sure, they’d do the same for me

I would if I was sure they’d pay me back20%
Depends on what they wanted it for34%
I don’t have that amount spare even if I wanted to share13%
Nope, I don’t want to risk tension in our friendship over repayment20%


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